Yes, its my furred blog!
I will use this space to share my think about Barbarians and the actual meta.

I talk about the actual meta (I add the date of the article to know the date of the meta I'm talking about), all the use of a Barbarian in all his form (tank, support or damage dealer) and fields (PvP with different kind of events and PvE).

I talk about the pro and cons to play a Barbarian in the described meta, making considerations of the other class, skills that can counter our gameplay or that can play in our favour.

I talk about everything come in my mind, maybe after talking about a specific arguments (most recent "The use of new golden Violent Triumph") with other players.

Take this space as a "blog", don't be mad or upset about what I'm writing because this is only my opinion, and as "opinions" are debatable.


Upcoming Skill Update in China
Date: 04/11/2020

Main server in China is getting new skill updates and I will like to talk about the new Barbarian skills. For the moment we have low details because its hard to translate from chinese and the patch is not live yet in China. But lets start to check the news and see how can be to play a Barbarian after the patch.

Prehistoric Frenzy
New level 3: While Prehistoric Frenzy is active, gain immunity to all debuffs.

A new level of Barbarian ultimate skill. At this level we gain Immunity to all debuffs other than paralyze. The step up from anti-stun to immune to all debuffs is a nice news because it not cover Violent Triumph (anti-stun effect) anymore. Finally will be possible to use Violent Triumph to reach our enemies, then start ultimate and use the 15 seconds immune to debuffs. Also, will be interesting to test if the "immunity of debuff" makes our skill impossible to be interrupted.

Bestial Onslaught
Becomes a Celestial Saint skill and glyph-able (no details about effects of the glyphs)

Usually Celestial Saint skills become both demon and sage into an unique skill. Iím alot worried about this change for two reasons:
1) They remove +40% critical hit bonus from the skill and put +% critical hit on glyphs. Its already hard to find space for glyphs on Barbarian and another glyph (crit is a must have for any str build) will be a big problem.
2) They keep +40% crit bonus on the new skill. That means Sage Barbarian will get the critical hit bonus. Actually the only reason to play a Demon Barbarian is for the massive crit bonus (average +45% more than sage). Close the gap to about 5% makes Demon become obsolete in all the aspect (Tank, DPS, PvE).

Strength of the Titan
The critical hit buff now stacks with other buffs.

This is a pain that every Demon Barbarian have from his 1st Demon day xD
Actually Strenght of the Titan give +5% crit for 1 minute, but it cover the +40% crit from Bestial Onslaught. Its very annoying because in PvP you need to try to use Bestial Onslaught and then Strength of the Titan otherwise your crit will be nerfed for 1 minute. In PvE, need to wait 1 minute after buffing the squad and before nuke the boss. Ten years late, but atleast the fix comes! 

Raging Slap
Has chance to remove 1 buff from the target.

Well... Raging Slap is a big tool that almost every Barbarian use, no matter the build. Deal damage, force a player to attack you, give a shield and now has a chance to purge 1 buff. Nice!

Clean Sweep
Has chance to remove 2 buffs from the target.

From 20% chance of full purge to chance to remove 2 debuffs. Look more as a nerf. It will probably worth only if the chance to purge 2 buffs is way higher than 20%.

Surf Impact
Taunts PvE targets.

New aggro skill probablyÖ to use between argent Raging Slap and Flesh Ream. This way every Barbarian can finally hold aggro.

Invoke the Spirit
Removes speed debuff. Ethereal glyph applies Invoke effect to allies. Increases cooldown to 120 seconds.

This is the most talked skill. Invoke effect is extended to your allies (range is unknown yet, probably based on glyph level).
I don't like at all this new glyph, other than for the double cooldown (2 minutes), for two reasons:
1) I wait to use the skill when my squad need protection. That means I canít go in frontline to Roar/Sunder/Arma/anything.
2) I use when I need and hope it will help my allies. More sense, this way I can do my game and if lucky save some life. But it will worth to double the cooldown of my main save skill? If I use Invoke, means that I'm in middle of enemies, and probably not many allies near me.
What about to apply this skill on Cata Barb to protect the squad?
As a Cata Barb I prefer to have Invoke ready more often. The cooldown of Invoke, fit perfect with duration of Cornered Beast and its easy to chain Invoke-Cornered Beats-Invoke for 1.40 min of survivability. Starting to say that most depend from the range of Invoke, I doubt that my healers are close to me. Standing near a Cata Barb is pretty dangerous, so probably the AoE Invoke will not affects many allies.

Alacrity of the Beast
Gains 15 meters range and paralyzes target. Increases cooldown to 12 seconds.

WOW! Finally we got 100% Paralyze without the ridicolous cooldown of 20 seconds. On the wrong skill, but still. Need to know the duration of paralyze effect, but this is a very good news for our constantly nerfed class. Alacrity is the main skill we use to block a target (for immobilize) while switching in human form. 12 seconds still a decent cooldown and 15 meters help finally to catch ranged class without waste Ancestral Rage. Will be possible to use some combo in tiger form "Alacrity > Devour (debuff) > Ancestral Rage" for example, or prepare a better combo "Alacrity > Penetrate > Stomp > Mighty Swing > Onslaught > Armageddon".

How Barbarian will play?

PWI is working even more to make Barbarian focus on tank and squad support. Roar (AoE players aggro), Raging Slap (Single player aggro), golden Violent Triumph (redirect damage from an ally to you) and next AoE Invoke are all the new tools in that direction.
I think the best build will be based on str (for support/damage build) or vit (for pure tank build) and defensive shards. There are no more reasons to play with full attack shards, the golden Violent Triumph (Boooomb) got nerfed, we lack of anti-stun skills and our cc is based on luck. Barbarian's skill are slow to cast and need time to take the control, stack debuff and deal damage. Depend about the new Bestial Onslaught and how will be applied the critical hit buff, Sage will be the only direction to go.
For sure we will play alot more with the team and our team job will be alot more relevant.
Alacrity will give us a nice boost for 1v1 or 3v3 in Arena, I think we can see more Barbarians on the 3v3 ranking.