Barbarians suffer alot stun lock but we have huge amount of HP and good skills to reduce damage and stay alive.

What I can use to stay alive?

- HP Charm
- Invoke
- Celestial/Demon Eruption
- Bestial Rage
- Cornered Beast
- Ironguard Powder or Invincibility Potion
- Faith
- Absolute Domain
- Solid Shield
- Tree of Protection
- Raging Slap

First of all I wait that my Guardian Charm trigger before start to use any defensive skill. When the Guardian Charm is active I need to use what I can to cover the cooldown. The way to act change every time and depend on the damage and lock on you.

Example 1 - Damage is high and/or you are attacked by a big group of players.

I usually start to survive with
Invoke, because Invoke is the hardest skill to cast (requires 2 spark) and lasts for long time. In this time I can build Chi back with Bestial Rage and watch the class around me to see what move is better to do after. If iím stunned or I have too much lock on me, I can use Absolute Domain to cast Invoke
(Sanguine glyph also greatly increase the chance to cast Invoke).
When I donít have enough Chi for Invoke I can use
Ironguard Powder or Invincibility Potion. Same as Invoke, if I have too much lock on me I can use Faith to be able to use Ironguard (Pay attention on Paralyze or you'll waste Faith). Better if you can manage to use Fortify because consumes low energy of your genie, but its very hard to time and need much practice and luck. Faith is 100% safe.

If you have
Cornered Beast (except for Sanguine Glyph), no need to use Absolute Domain or Faith to Invoke, just push the button untill Cornered Beast trigger and you donít have problem to cast Invoke most the time.

When you have the stronger protections in cooldown, use
Blood Rush with Argent Glyph, Solid Shield after, then help to reduce damage with Raging Slap and/or Bestial Rage and use Tree of Protection only if necessary.

Another good move is to activate
Bestial Rage (also if your HP are more than 50%) and, instead to use the shield, use Spark Eruption to gain some seconds of immunity, heal and purify (and reduce damage if sage) more time in a row. Keep care that without Chi is very hard to survive, so I suggest to use Spark Eruption only when you have Bestial Rage ready.

When the damage is high the best option to survive is to kite, run around and gain time. The old way to play Tank build, standing forever in the same place untill die, doesnít work in the actual metagame because the damage of any class is very high, debuff and lock are crazy and also with huge gears you cannot stand more than Invoke Ė Ironguard time. New way to play the Tank is to gain time and to gain time you need to move more as possible.
Cornered Beast with Sanguine Glyph give you all the time to kite and recover cooldown of all your skills/remedies.

Another good way to escape is to use
Prehistoric Frenzy, interrupt after first hit and use Holy Path to run away (you are immune to stun by casting Prehistoric Frenzy). If your HP are low, after interrupt Prehistoric Frenzy, use Raging Slap and Bestial Rage to absorb damage while you run away. If you are locked by a melee class (Blademaster, Barbarian, Assassin, Duskblade) use Alacrity of the Beast to interrupt the lock and try to move.

Donít forget to stay in
Tiger Form. Most the time I see barbs going in Human Form to attack during Ironguard and die right after the immunity effect is over (before Strength barbs assault me, remember that Iím just explaining the way to survive). If you canít resist to go in Human Form, use that only to rebuff with Beast Kingís Inspiration.

Example 2 - Damage is medium/low and/or you are fighting a few players.

Spark Eruption and Solid Shield will be enough most the time. You can alternate Solid Shield with Raging Slap and Tree of Protection and reduce attack of your enemies with Roar (Sage version), Firighten and Slam.
This situation is easiest to manage because give you more time to think and move, so you can use better Bestial Rage to absorb magic damage, alternate defense and attack and save Faith, Absolute Domain, Invoke and Ironguard for deadly combo (Stormbringer ultimate, Venomancer ultimate, QPQ, Wizard fire combo, Heaven Flame, ecc)


          How to lock is the hard part because Barbarian lack of skills that lock (most of skills are on chance) and of anti-stun effects.

What I can use to lock?

- Mighty Swing
- Occult Ice
- Untamed Wrath
- Prehistoric Frenzy
- Demon Frighten
- Immobilize effects (Alacrity of the Beast, Surf, Ancestral Rage, ...)

I start to say that Lock is the hard part of our gameplay because we have only a few skills to use and all of them are on chance. Requires luck and patience.

To start to perform a good lock we need to know the timing of our 2 main skills:
Mighty Swing that give you the time to cast 2 skills.
Occult Ice that give you the time to cast 3 skills.

My lock start with Mighty Swing, 2 skills, and continue with Occult Ice, 2 skills and Mighty Swing again. This is the easiest way to lock.

For example:
Mighty Swing (Lock) > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Occult Ice (Lock) > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Mighty Swing (Lock)...

But what to do when Occult Ice is in cooldown? In this case you need to chain Mighty Swing. What I mean? Mighty Swing effect lasts for 4 seconds and the cooldown is 6 seconds. For ďchainĒ I mean to connect 1st Mighty Swing to a 2nd Mighty Swing by using another skill that allow to lock for the 2 seconds that we need to recover the cooldown of Mighty Swing.

For example:
Mighty Swing (Lock) > Skill 1 > Wait a second > Untamed Wrath (Lock) > Mighty Swing (Lock)...

Untamed Wrath is the most common and easiest skill to use but you can replace it with Prehistoric Frenzy (interrupt after first hit) or any immobilize effect. Remember that immobilize don't allow to your target to run away from you but he can use stuns or protections so I will prefer Alacrity of the Beast because of interrupt.

A complete lock can be:
Mighty Swing (Lock) > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Occult Ice (Lock) > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Mighty Swing (Lock) > Skill 1 > Wait a second  > Untamed Wrath (Lock) > Mighty Swing (Lock) > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Occult Ice (Lock)...

If you have the luck (and the skill of course) to perform a perfect lock, you can interrupt this chain anytime you are ready to kill your enemy.

There is an exception: Purify Spell. Players with that bonus in the weapon (usually Arcane class) can disrupt our lock. Only in this case we start with Occult Ice, so if Purify Spell trigger we have Mighty Swing ready to paralyze and we can continue with our lock.


          Lock an enemy is not enough to kill him. You need to learn how to increase your damage and when land your combo and your lethal hits.

What I can use to buff myself?

- Strength of the Titan
- Poison Fang
- Bestial Onslaught (Demon)
- Spark Eruption

What I can use to debuff and amplify my damage?

- Devour
- Penetrate Armor
- Stomp of the Beast King
- Tangling Mire
- Blood Rush

What skills I can use to kill?

- Ancestral Rage
- Armageddon


Before any fight remember to use
Strength of the Titan (Increase physical attack) and Poison Fang (Add wood damage). Beast Kingís Inspiration and Blood Bath can indirectly increase your damage by adding HP for Armageddon (or any skill with ďConsumes 5% HP to deal more damageĒ) and Accuracy to reduce the chance to miss.
During the fight you can use
Spark Eruption and Blood Rush to greatly increase your physical.

[Demon Unique] You can use Bestial Onslaught to raise your critical hit by 40%. Mind that when you use Strength of the Titan, you canít use the 40% critical hit from Bestial Onslaught for 1 minute. When you need to rebuff in a fight, use Bestial Onslaught and while buff of Onslaught is active use Strength of the Titan. This way you donít get the fix 5% critical hit for 1 minute but you can use the 40% critical hit.

[Sage Unique] Use Bestial Onslaught to gain the 100% critical hit chance on the next Stomp of the Beast King.


The best debuff we can use is
Stomp of the Beast King with Verdant glyph. It amplify our damage from skills by 12 to 15% and the effect stack up to 4 time (2 time possible if only 1 barbarian is hitting). Very important is to learn how to stack this debuff because the cooldown is only 3 seconds and we can cast Stomp every 2-3 skills. Another good point is that never misses.
To reduce physical defence of the target we can combine
Penetrate Armour or Devour with Tangling Mire. Care that both skill use Chi and Devour requires Tiger Form (slow) so I suggest to add this debuff when you try the kill, right before Armageddon or Ancestral for example.


We know how to lock, how to debuff, now we need to find a good skill or combo to kill our enemy.

Our best skills are:

Ancestral Rage (High damage, Never misses, hit from range)
Armageddon (Highest damage, Never misses)

Use Ancestral or Armageddon at random after lock and debuff is not enough. We need to find the correct time to use our deadly attack. For example is very good to use our combo during paralyze effect because our enemy can only use his genie to save. Another hint is to wait that the enemy HP charm trigger or his life is close to 50% and try to bypass the charm. Keep care with Armageddon because your charm trigger and I suggest to use it only when you have a backup in case you fail the kill (for example Solid Shield or Cornered Beast).
With new expansion you can use Golden Glyph on
Violent Triumph to grant 100% critical hits and add 60% damage on the next attack. Use that before your Ancestral/Armageddon for more chance to kill.

An example of complete gameplay can be:

Mighty Swing (Lock) > Stomp of the Beast King (Debuff) > Clean Sweep (Debuff) > Occult Ice (Lock) > Bestial Onslaught (Buff) > Stomp of the Beast King (Debuff) > Mighty Swing (Lock) > Penetrate Armor (Debuff) > Tangling Mire (Debuff) > Violent Triumph (Buff) > Armageddon (Damage)


          When you play in a team in a large scale PvP is alot important playing together. The most common action are Assist Attack and Support.

Play a Barbarian is not limited to stay alive, spam Occult Ice or Mighty Swing and Armageddon. Our job is important when we are a part of a team. In a team we need to collaborate with other squad members, we need to help our DD to kill the enemies and our squad to stay alive.
For this reason is important to know how to Assist Attack and how to play as a Support Barbarian.

What's the difference between Assist Attack and Support?
With Assist Attack you help your squad to kill your enemies, with Support you help your squad to stay alive.


Assist Attack is the basic action in a party. When your squad leader call a target, select him, then click on Assist Attack (better if you have Assist Attack in a shortcut) to select the same target.

What to do?

Paralyze: spam Mighty Swing or use Prehistoric Frenzy to increase the chance to kill, paralyze disable the chance to use anything except genie.
Aggro: use Raging Slap to force the target to attack you, this way the target can't use skill to lock the major DD. If the target is a melee class use Raging Slap, run away and immobilize him with Ancestral Rage.
Debuff: Stomp of the Beast King and Penetrate Armor help the squad to kill fast the target.
Chi: is the most important resource for almost any class. Use Mo Zun's Taunt or Dissolve to reduce target Chi.
Kill: pay attention to allied Heaven Flame, Vortex, etc and be ready for Violent Triumph + Armageddon or set up your Ultimate.


A Barbarian is a great class for supporting the squad if played in the right way and any build can play support and must play support when the squad need it.

What to do?

Buff: keep your squad buffed mainly with HP, then with Physical Attack. If you are demon use Beast King's Inspiration often to increase Chi of your squad mate.
Protect: use Raging Slap on their strongest DD or to protect a squad mate that is under attack (for example Raging Slap on an Archer that attack your Cleric)
Distract: run near the enemies and Invoke, that will move their attention on you. Also you can run around them with Cornered Beast (Sanguine) and Bestial Rage to distract them for a long time and in a while gain enough Chi to survive.
Disrupt: use Untamed Wrath or Prehistoric Frenzy to interrupt a group of enemies or Alacrity of the Beast on a single target.
Debuff: reduce attack of a group of enemies with Roar (Sage), Frighten (Demon) and Slam.

An example of a Support gameplay can be:

- Buff your squad while you build Chi.
- Run in a group of enemies and Invoke.
- After Invoke you can use Absolute Domain to cast Prehistoriz Frenzy and disrupt their gameplay.
- Use the anti-stun from Prehistoric Frenzy to run back.
- Rebuff your squad.
- Run in a group of enemies, use Immunity Potion and debuff with Slam and Armageddon (High Damage help to try some kill and let them use their protection skills), use Violent Triumph before the Immune effect finish, then stun with Untamed Wrath and run back.
- Rebuff your squad.

Remember that most the time you pass from Assist Attack to Support and viceversa continuously.


          How to prepare your barbarian to fight. What stuff you need, where to get and how to use it.

Guardian Charm
Fill your HP when it go under 50%.
Platinum Guardiam Charm can be bought from catshop in west Archosaur, near the teleporter. Silver Guardian Charm can be get for free from the Event Boutique. For Dragon Conquest you can trade 100 Dragonlordís Coins for a free Dragon Guardian Charm.

Defence Charm
Reduce the incoming physical or elemental damage by 67% for the next 2 hits.
You can use Lucky Coins to get Defence Charm at Assistant Wang Tsai. You must have atleast one type of Defence Charm depend if you are weaker at physical or elemental damage. Have both would be better.

Attack Charm
Add additional physical attack.
You can use Lucky Coins to get Attack Charms at Assistant Wang Tsai.

HP and MP Potions
Recover your HP and MP.
You can use Lucky Tokens to get Festing and Fresh Dumplings (HP) and Rainbow Lantern Yuanxiao (MP) at PW Boutique Agent.

Ironguard Powder and Panguís Essence.
Immune to damage.
You can craft Ironguard Powder at the Apothecary or you can buy from catshop in South Archosaur near the teleporter. You can get Panguís Essence from Alchemy Lab in Faction Base.
Dew of Star Protection
Vacuity Powder
Shadow Binder

Recovery Stone
Automatically use Potions and Defence Charms.
You can buy the Advanced Recovery Stone from Boutique for 1,5 gold. It is about 5 milions of coins for 30 Days.

I suggest to set Recovery Stone this way:

Nation War Buff
Increase your HP, Damage and Defence and cannot be purged. Lasts 1 hour.
You can use Supply Tokens at Contemplation Forge in North Archosaur. You can get Supply Tokens from Nation War.
This buff is really usefull, is free and you need just one Nation War to craft many of them.

Inkdragon Blood
Reduce 20% of damage incoming from a Critical Hit and increase your Spirit by 100. Also cannot be purged. Lasts 1 hour.
You can trade Soldierís Pay for Inkdragon Blood at Resource Manager in Faction Base. You can get Soldierís Pay from Resource War.
This buff is really usefull, is free and you need just 5 minutes for Resource War one day each week.

Miracle Powder
Recover HP and MP.
You can get it from Faction Base.
This remedy donít share the cooldown with HP/MP Foods or Ironguard Powder. Can be use as side Remedy on Recovery Stone.

Equip the rune to your weapon to add bonus.
You can get Rune from Morai, from Resource Manager (Faction Base) or Trade Token of Might from Thursday Night Fight Merchant.
You obtain Token of Might by pariticping to Thursday Night Tournament.

An exemple of my Inventory: