Hi all,
I'm RoarKing, a Barbarian of Perfect World. Welcome to my website about Barbarians, I try to explain the class at 360į from the basic to endgame, for PvE and PvP.

If you want to contact me you can find me here:

- Ingame Roar_King (Twilight Temple), RoarKing (Dawnglory), DrunkFuPanda (Etherblade)
- Discord RoarKing#7537
- Youtube on my channel Roar King PWI.

Latest Update 17/04/2021

Hi all,
I was not happy about the setting of my site, splitted in two parts and hard to understand where to go to find the informations needed. This update is more a graphic/section update, but I will add some new contents too.

As you can see, there is only one site now:
- The "
Guide" section will now include the old Builds, Genie and Skills sections. You can find here all the informations about every single build, with genie and glyphs to use.
- "
How To" section is a restyling of the Gameplay section. Will include all the informations about surviving, pulling catapults, combo, etc. and video tutorials attached to every topic.
- The new section "
Various" will include all the side contents such as Fashions, INI edit, articles about the game...
- In the "
Video" section, I will group all the best and most recents gameplay.
- "
Shop" is a coming soon, I'm working to produce some merchandising with my logo/name to fund my ingame characters.

I fixed some graphic issue with top buttons and I designed an unique background for every page of the site.

About new contents:
- I removed the Support Build because is almost the same as the Damage Dealer Build. I merge both into Strength Build and I add some note for who want to play more support than DD.
- I added the combo for PvP and PvE in the How To section.
- I added video tutorial in How To section.
- I added some fashion set (standard and mixed) in Various section.
- I wrote an article about Barbarian class in 2021 in Various section.


Upcoming Skill Update from China
Date: 13/01/2021

New Skill patch has been released in Perfect World China. While we wait to have news about the patch, letís see a preview of the new skills.

Prehistoric Frenzy
Get a new level of the skill that give immunity to all bad status, instead antistun only.

A new level of Barbarian ultimate skill. At this level we enter in a ďFaithĒ status (not confirmed). If true, it is a big step up because finally we donít risk to overwrite antistun from Violent Triumph and we canít be interrupted/purged while casting.

Bestial Onslaught
Becomes a Celestial Saint skill and glyph-able.

There are no details yet about the glyph effect, but it is confirmed that Celestial Saint version of Bestial Onslaught give critical hit. Means that Sage barbarians will get critical hit buff same as Demon. Probably the end of Demon barbarians since it was the only great advantage against Sage.

Strength of the Titan
The critical hit buff now stacks with other buffs.

I think it is a fix that every Demon barbarian is waiting from 10 years! Now Strength of Titan have an unique buffi con and can stack with Bestial Onslaught.

Raging Slap
Has chance to remove 1 buff from the target.

Well... Raging Slap is a big tool that almost every Barbarian use, no matter the build. Deal damage, force a player to attack you, give a shield and now has a chance to purge 1 buff. Welcome!

Clean Sweep
Has chance to remove 2 buffs from the target.

From 20% chance of full purge to chance to remove 2 debuffs sound a big nerf. It will probably worth only if the chance to purge 2 buffs is way higher than 20% (% not confirmed yet).

Surf Impact
Taunts PvE targets.

New aggro skill to use between argent Raging Slap and Flesh Ream. This way every Barbarian can finally hold aggro.

Invoke the Spirit
Removes speed debuff. Ethereal glyph applies Invoke effect to allies. Increases cooldown to 120 seconds.

Interesting, but can be good or bad, depend the moment. I think that can be very strong in small PvP (3v3 Arena for example) but very hard to use in mass-pvp (Territory War, etc) because of the increased cooldown.

Alacrity of the Beast
Gains 15 meters range and immobilize the target. Increases cooldown to 12 seconds.

This is probably the best news! I watched how it work in a video from a chinese player, Alacrity now allows to jump on the target from 15 meters and immobilize it (probably immobilize still at 50% chance).
Finally we will be able to reach a target without waste Ancestral Rage or Violent Triumph and Occult Ice.