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Latest Update: 20/01/2022

You can find below all the incoming update regarding Barbarians with my opinions. Finally something HOT&SPICY!


A new skill adjustment has been released in China! Let's see the update for our Barbarians:
Note: release date for our version is unknown yet.

Passive Attribute adjustment
VIT attribute gained from leveling (no equipments/shards) also increase Physical Attack. 1 VIT will give the same amount of Physical Attack as 1 STR.

This is a super upgrade. Will be possible to go full VIT without losing damage and gain approximatively 15-20k HP. Other than increase our survivability, more HP translate in more damage with Armageddon and Prehistoric Frenzy (Ultimate).

Tiger/Panda Form
Can be cast while movement impaired.

Its not very clear. If we can go Human/Tiger while stunned will be great. Finally we can stop to die while perma-stunned in Human.

Invoke the Spirit
No longer costs Chi. Instant channeling with any glyphs. Sanguine glyph: Reduce damage taken by 15/20/25/30% for 5 minutes.

With Paramount and Bestial Rage rarely the Chi cost of Invoke is a problem. More interesting is the chance to remove the channeling with any glyph equipped. The hard part of cast Invoke is the slow channeling that is easy to interrupt. New effect on Sanguine glyph is pretty useless because 20/25% damage reduction is low except if you have super end game gears.

Deals damage in a line up to 30 meters. The next Mighty Swing within 15 seconds teleport to the target.

Interesting, but need to test. There are no information if Firestorm can be casted from 30 meters or you need a close target to cast it and the range of effect is 30 meters. The teleport effect connected with Firestorm is good only if the new Tiger/Panda form really allow you to switch while stunned.

Non-player targets receives 30% additional damage for the next 8 seconds. This effect stack with Heaven's Falme. Do not stack with Extreme Poison.

Useless??... Does not stack with Extreme Poison, probably does not stack with Assassin debuff too. Maybe its only good to farm vitae mobs...

No longer reduce target Attack Level, but Paralyze for 4 seconds. Devour now share the sam cooldown as Mighty Swing.

After the passive attributes is the best upgrade in my opinion. Using Sanguine/Argent Mighty Swing we can reach 7 seconds of paralyze (plus 5 seconds of stun with Untamed Warth) and we can finally remove Occult Ice on genie.

Mighty Swing
Sanguine and argent glyph do not share cooldown with Devour.

New Devour makes normal Mighty Swing obsolete. Only Argent will be the option.

Sea Breaker (new skill)
Combines Swell and Garrotte. Deals damage in a cone (AoE), cause bleed damage. If player HP is below 15%, immediately kill them.

I'm not really happy to lose 1 skill. Its already hard to rotate between a low number of skills... and the KO with less than 15% of HP is very hard get.

Untamed Wrath
Stun effect is increased from 2 to 5 seconds.

More stun, even good.

Surf Impact
Taunt duration is increased from 6 to 10 seconds.

Not really relevant...

Stomp of the Beast King
Sanguine glyph: Target player receives 15/20/25/30% additional damage, do not stack.

Interesting. With new Devour can be easy to stack 2 verdant Mighty Swing, but when you are in short of time this glyph can be a good option. To test.

Strength of the Titans
Increases Physical Attack to 50%. Sage increases Physical Attack to 70%. Demon increases the critical hit to 5% for 5 minutes.

An upgrade. The old question: better sage for physical attack or demon for critical hit? will come back in auge.

Flash Ream
Sanguine glyph: If the target is a player, force them to target you for 1/2/3/4 seconds.

Not bad but, hard to find space to glyph this skill. Gold Raging Slap is way better.

Cornered Beast
Can be casted while unarmed.