Welcome to RoarKing.it, here you can find any information about barbarian build and gameplay. Enjoy your Untamed Beast!

Hi all, I’m Roar_King, a Barbarian of Perfect World International.

I totally love this class, I played every kind of build possible, and now that I reached a good knowledge of my class, I will be happy to share my experience to help all the players that start to play a Barbarian or that want to play to a competitive level.

This guide will be more PvP related, I will explain the Barbarian at 360°, starting from the base build (the old question about “How to set my points?”, “Better Sage or Demon?”), and proceed with How to build your genie, Basic and Advanced Gameplay (How to survive, How to lock, Combo, etc), how to set your Barbarian for PvP, to end with a media section with some practice Video.

For any further question or information feel free to contact me in game (Twilight Temple – Roar_King / Dawnglory – RoarKing) or add me on Skype (roarkingpwi)

Enjoy your Beast time!

Roar King



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10 August 2018

Hi all,
I'm sorry for the delay, but I was much busy with work.

Build section:
- Updated this section with the actual competitive PvP builds.

Gameplay section:
- Added combo with Violent Triumph (Golden Glyph).
- Fixed some typos.

Media section:
- Added tutorial "How to nuke a boss".

- Roar



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31 January 2018

Two new skills to upgrade with Glyphs:

ΨBlood Rush
ΨViolent Triumph