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Latest Update: 30/09/2021

Hi all,
I'm slow as always but I update all the sections with the last skill update.

About new contents/fix:
- Home: I removed my Dawnglory account from contacts because I quit the server and never log back.
- Home: After some test I can give my opinion on the last update.
- Guide: I re-write the introduction of Barbarian class, explaining better what is a Tank and the difference between PvE and PvP build, fixed "Why Demon?" and cultivation/glyph for Strength build.
- How To: I re-write "How to Survive", "How to Stunlock" and "How to Deal Damage" to update the gameplay at 2021.

- The "
Guide" section will now include the old Builds, Genie and Skills sections. You can find here all the informations about every single build, with genie and glyphs to use.
- "
How To" section is a restyling of the Gameplay section. Will include all the informations about surviving, pulling catapults, combo, etc. and video tutorials attached to every topic.
- The new section "
Various" will include all the side contents such as Fashions, INI edit, articles about the game...
- In the "
Video" section, I will group all the best and most recents gameplay.
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Shop" is a coming soon, I'm working to produce some merchandising with my logo/name to fund my ingame characters.


Bestial Onslaught
Becomes a Celestial Saint skill and glyph-able.

Bestial Onslaught can be upgraded at Celestial Saint and give +40% Critical Rate at both Demon and Sage. Sage Barbarian is now a good option with a full Strength build, because the gap on Critical Rate with Demon is almost close. Sage give +5% physical attack and better survivability (that suit good for DD/Support players), while Demon give 9%/11% more Critical Rate (that suit better for DD).
Its possible to add a glyph on Bestial Onslaught. The only useful glyph is the verdant one. It increases Rage Damage by average 220/225%, a good boost for a class that have 70/80% Critical Rate.

Strength of the Titan
The critical hit buff now stacks with other buffs.

I can confirm that, finally, PWI fixed demon buff. You can now play Strength of the Titan + Bestial Onslaught for a +45% Critical Rate without any problem.

Raging Slap
Has chance to remove 1 buff from the target.

Raging Slap remove 1 random buff from the target. I find very efficent to use a golden glyph on raging slap to have a nice tool that: force aggro from range, deal damage, remove 1 buff from the target, give me a shield. And CD is reduced. Super!

Clean Sweep
Has chance to remove 2 buffs from the target.

Clean Sweep now remove 2 random buffs from the target and it keep the 20% chance for a full purge. A nice improvement!

Surf Impact / Sunder
Taunts PvE targets.

Surf Impact and Sunder now generates more threat. I had the chance to test it and I can finally aggro a boss.

Invoke the Spirit
Removes speed debuff. Ethereal glyph applies Invoke effect to allies. Increases cooldown to 120 seconds.

Speed debuff has been removed. AoE Invoke is not really useful except in some situations, for example 3v3. To use that skill you need to be very tanky (cd is doubled and less damage reduction) and atleast use a lv.8 glyph. In mass can find his spot if you use Invoke near your team before run into enemies.

Alacrity of the Beast
Gains 15 meters range and immobilize the target. Increases cooldown to 12 seconds.

Finally a skill with some "100% chance" to lock. Imho the best upgrade for Barbarian. Its a super-useful way to catch ranged target and immobilize them, having the time to go human form and start hitting. The CD of 12 seconds instead of 8 is not a problem.