Welcome to RoarKing.it, here you can find any information about barbarian build and gameplay. Enjoy your Untamed Beast!

Hi all, I’m Roar_King, a Barbarian of Perfect World International.

This is my favourite class, I played every kind of build possible, and now, that I reached a good knowledge, I will be happy to share my experience to help all the players that start to play a Barbarian or that want to play to a competitive level.

This guide will be more PvP related, I will explain the Barbarian at 360°, starting from the base build (the old question about “How to set my points?”, “Better Sage or Demon?”), and proceed with How to build your genie, Basic and Advanced Gameplay (How to survive, How to lock, Combo, etc), how to set your Barbarian for PvP, to end with a media section with some practice Video.

For any further question or information feel free to contact me in game (Twilight Temple – Roar_King / Dawnglory – RoarKing) or add me on Skype (roarkingpwi)

Enjoy your Beast time!

Roar King



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15 November 2019

Hi all,
was long time but I worked to a new update due to the skill patch and the changing meta.

Build section:
- Added an example of Genie and Glyph setup for every build.
- Added 2 new builds: Pure Combo (PvP) and Farmer (PvE).

Skill section:
- Added new Celestial Saint skill Penetrate Armor with glyph and comments about use in PvP and PvE.
- Corrected new glyph effect for Blood Rush (Argent) and Cornered Beast (Sanguine).
- Added different Glyph setup for Builds and Events.

Media section:
- Added the video tutorial "The role of Tank", explaining the startegical use of a full VITALITY build.

- Roar


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23 October 2019

Some changes on Glyphs:

Blood Rush: Argent glyph will stack 6 time instead of 10.
Cornered Beast: Effects reduced by 10 seconds.

New Celestial Saint Skill: Penetrate Armor
New effect: Cleave Through your opponent's armor, dealing base physical damage equal to Base Physical Attack plus 3129. Cracks the target's armor for 10 seconds, reducing Physical Defense by 45% and increasing your threat.

Sanguine: Armor Sunder effect is increased to 60% of the gear value.
Ethereal: Recovers 5 chi.
Verdant: Cast range is increased to 2 meters.
Golden: Increases damage by 40% of Weapon attack.
Argent: Spend 5% of current HP to increase skill damage.