Yes, its my furred blog!
I will use this space to share my think about Barbarians and the actual meta.

I talk about the actual meta (I add the date of the article to know the date of the meta I'm talking about), all the use of a Barbarian in all his form (tank, support or damage dealer) and fields (PvP with different kind of events and PvE).

I talk about the pro and cons to play a Barbarian in the described meta, making considerations of the other class, skills that can counter our gameplay or that can play in our favour.

I talk about everything come in my mind, maybe after talking about a specific arguments (most recent "The use of new golden Violent Triumph") with other players.

Take this space as a "blog", don't be mad or upset about what I'm writing because this is only my opinion, and as "opinions" are debatable.