How Barbarians will play after the patch?

New update will introduce some important updates for our class.
The most important is the change on Vitality points: every Vitality point (obtained by leveling) give the same physical attack as Strength (Vitality obtained from gears or engraves do not give physical attack).
This is an huge upgrade for all who plays a Strength build, gaining HP and defense without losing in damage. The bad news is that they are forcing us to play the same build, because will be impossible to make anything different from a build with 300 Strength / 60 Dexterity (for weapon) and all the rest on Vitality. The only way to be different consists on gems, engraves and glyphs.
I think that Demon will be a possible choice again, defense is fixed by Vitality and the +10% critical hit over Sage can be a factor for who want to focus on damage.
We are not going to get any broken debuff/combo, just some better physical attack with Strength of the Titans and an additional cc skill, so the best way to play PvP will be to work on defense level with a Purify Spell weapon as first. Then, for who want to play damage, start a second set with attack gems.

Another important update is on Devour. We get a 2nd paralyze skill, but it share the cooldown with Mighty Swing except if we use Sanguine or Argent glyph. I think that Devour + Sanguine/Argent Mighty Swing will be a must have for any build, both damage or tank build to gain more stunlock to add debuff and kill or help to kill the target. Last but not last, will be possible to remove Occult Ice and play a full survival genie.

Last important update is the possibility to use tiger form also when stunned. The first reason of our deaths is to get stunned in human form and not have the chance to go in tiger form for better HP/Defense and to cast Invoke or other defensive skills.

The update doesn't change the fact that Barbarian still a support class. The main job of a Barbarian is to protect the squad with taunt skills (Raging Slap and Roar), assist attack our DD class with debuff/paralyze and help on damage with out AoE skills (Armageddon, Ultimate).


There are some Fashion Set that naturally fit good for Barbarians:

Many fashion won't fit good on Barbarians, but we can create something good by mixing different set:
Wraithtouched Robe (Black)
Silver Rooster Pants (Black)
Bestial Rage Bracers (Black)
Bestial Rage Boots (Black)
Sleek Coat (Cream)
Classic Scholar Slacks (Cream)
Bestial Rage Bracers (Black)
Crown Prince Shoes (Black)

Ruffian Chest (Cream)
Blood Riot Pants (Black)
Ruffian Bracers (Black)
Punk-Metal Shirt (White)
Millennial Shorts (Sapphire)
Bestial Rage Bracers (Black)
Casual Beach Sandals (White)


Snowstorm Coar (Black)
Classic Scholar Slacks (Dark Red)
End of an Era Bracers (Black)
Bestial Rage Boots (Black)